Our Mission

Our mission is to connect global citizens to Indian culture through the Hindi language. We do this by teaching Hindi language using scientifically proven methods.

We offer instructor-led learning experience through the use of engaging content. Our curriculum is designed to build language proficiencies that are applicable in the real world.

Why Join Gurukul

Hindi Programs

We offer programs to develop proficiency in the four areas of language performance:

  • Interpretive Reading
  • Presentational Writing
  • Interpretive Listening
  • Presentational Speaking

You can choose to participate in our Literacy Program and/or our Conversation Program.

Literacy Program

Literacy program prepares the participants to read and write in the target language.

Eligibility – knowledge of English reading.

Minimum Age – 5 and above

Conversation Program

Conversation program prepares the participants to listen and speak in the target language.

Eligibility – English reading and conversation skills.

Minimum Age – 5 and above

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Open doors to a new culture and perspective by joining one of our language learning programs.


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Our Teachers


Sandhya Hotchandani

Digital content creator

Why do I like teaching at Hindi Gurukul:

Hindi Gurukul is the perfect place for volunteering since I like to work with kids and love the Hindi language. Of course, their wonderfully structured curriculum and a dedicated team of volunteers is a plus!

Riya Shah

Riya Shah

Information Sciences Student at UIUC

I like teaching at Gurukul because it gives me a chance to give back and provide students with the same experience I had as a student.

Sujana Yenumula

Sujana Yenumula

I am a Software Automation Test Engineer by profession. Though Telugu is my mother tongue, I first learnt to write Hindi as a 6 year old before learning to write in Telugu. Hindi has always been very dear to me. I have been associated with Hindi Gurukul for 4 years now and I thoroughly enjoy my teaching experience. I am a mother of 2 beautiful kids Aria and Ayush, married to my husband Praveen. A fun fact to share with you all – My 91 year old paternal grandfather is a Hindi Pandit who taught Hindi all his life and has translated a lot of Hindi Books to Telugu and other Indian Languages.

Nitesh Sahu

Nitesh Sahu

Gurukul Teach and Senior Manager IT

I like teaching at Gurukul because teaching is my passion and I like to help the Indian community with my skills and promote Hindi in the USA.

Archana Kuchimanchi

Archana Kuchimanchi

I grew up in Mumbai and came to the US in 2004 to pursue a Masters in Environmental Engineering. I am a trained Carnatic music singer and Bollywood singing has always been my passion! Not only have I been performing on stage since I was a kid, but I was also part of an Indian retro band from 2004-2007! Ever since then, I have always grabbed any opportunity to sing ! I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Hindi Gurukul and do what I enjoy doing the most! Teaching music to these kids has been a delight!

Shweta Agarwal

Shweta Agrawal

I am a project manager by profession and mother of two handsome boys. Both my kids love learning Hindi at Hindi Gurukul. I love teaching at Gurukul and embrace the feeling of seeing young minds connecting to Indian roots.

Student Life and Activities


We believe that language learning is made easy and fun using music. We integrate music into our group classes for kids to help them pronounce and comprehend the spoken words.


We believe physical and mental health is key to academic success, hence our in person group classes start with yoga sessions for all participants.

Class Presentation

Our programs build students with confidence to use the target language in the real world. Each class, students in our group classes present in Hindi.

Field Trips

Yet another way for our students to employ their language skills in the real world by interacting with community outside the classroom in the Hindi language

Annual Function

Our students showcase their language skills and understanding of Indian culture by performing on stage or online in the Hindi language


While being a student at Hindi Gurukul for 4 years, I was able to improve on my speaking as well as learn to write and read Hindi. Mastering all these aspects of the language helped me expand my cultural identity and communicate efficiently with my extended family in India. The affable teachers at Hindi Gurukul do an excellent job teaching the 4 basic language skills (listening, speaking, writing, reading) by providing you with assignments and in-class lessons that build your fundamental understanding of these topics.

Deep Sahu

Former Gurukul Student

My Son has been going to Hindi Gurukul for the last 2 years and we are proud to be a part of “HINDI GURUKUL” family. It has been a very nice experience for us . I really appreciate and love their teaching style and methods that makes hindi grammar easy to understand and allows students to speak in a short time. Hindi Gurukul teaching techniques always make my son practice, memorize and learn new Hindi structures every time in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All the teachers are very experienced and dedicated. Doing online classes is not a problem at all because all classes are designed in such a interesting way. I strongly recommend Hindi Gurukul.

Dr. Piyush Bhati

We are very happy to be associated with Hindi Gurukul. My daughter Stella has learnt a lot in the last two years. The teachers are really kind and they make learning Hindi an enjoyable experience for the kids.

Priyanshu Sharma

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